Terms and conditions
When going on an activity with the Rock n’ Walk is implied the reading and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Booking and Payment

In order to book you must send all necessary information via our booking form on our website or to the email contact@rocknwalk.pt, having read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions. The reservation is confirmed after the payment of 25% of its value, and can be done through Credit Card in your Paypal account, or by bank transfer to IBAN PT50003505070001132553075 BIC SWIFT CGDIPTPL, being necessary the sending of the respective proof of payment to the email contact@rocknwalk.pt.

If you wish us to issue a receipt with your tax number, you must ask for it before the payment.

At the time of booking the participant assumes that:

  • Is in adequate health conditions for the activity  and accepts the risks arising from the impossibility of immediate access to medical care during the activity.
  • You should always warn Rock n’ Walk if you are pregnant or suffering from a chronic or other illness making it impossible to practice this activity. If you have permission from your doctor to participate you will need to provide us with a medical certificate.
  • Is aware of the type of physical and psychological demands that the activity involves, and that can lead to unforeseen situations.

Climbing Gear Rental

A refundable security deposit of €200 will be required and your passport or ID card will be left at the time of pick up. The deposit and the passport / identification card will be refunded upon return of every gear item. Payment is made at the time of pick up and can be made through Credit Card in your Paypal account, or by bank transfer to IBAN PT50003505070001132553075 BIC SWIFT CGDIPTPL

Private Groups

Group activities depend on prior budget consultation. The elements required for this budget are the number of people, the chosen destination, the duration of the activity, transportation, among other variables.In the case of group activities those responsible for the group have a duty to ensure that all participants  comply with the Terms and Conditions and that, in the course of their activities, there will be allways a responsible person  present.

Open Group Activities

Open group activities are open to all people who comply with the degree of difficulty of the activity itself. Rock n’ Walk is not responsible for the evaluation of each participant’s ability to participate, but we can allways advise you prior to the activity. Minor children should always be accompanied by parents or guardians of legal age.

Rock n’ Walk reserves the right to cancel or postpone group activities, either due to bad weather or other factors impeding the accomplishment of these activities, with the total amount of the registration being reimbursed to each participant or to another similar activity in the future, should the participant so desire.


The duration of the activities is given roughly, depending on the reality of factors external to the guides. A 15-minute tolerance will be given to all participants to reach at the meeting point set for each program and activity. A full-day activity is understood to last around 8 hours, and noon of 4 hours.

Refunds and Cancellations

In case of cancellation of an activity by the Rock n’ Walk,  we will notify you as soon as possible presenting an alternative date of your convenience or, there will be a full refund of the reservation amount.

  • Rock n ‘Walk may cancel activities in the following cases:
  • Weather or other conditions which make it impractical;
  • No safety conditions are met for any reason;
  • The minimum participants required for each activity are not met;In case of cancellation of the reservation by the participant, you can receive a full refund of your payment if you cancel up to 72 hours before the start of the activity.


The shuttle service to, and from the accommodation, is included in the price of the activities whenever the same is in the area of ​​the city of Coimbra and its surroundings. Transport can also be ensured in other areas, and charges are applied for the same if necessary.

Safety rules

We strictly comply with all safety standards in our Hiking and Climbing activities, thus reducing the associated risks. However, due to the nature of the activities the risk can not be reduced in its entirety.

Participants should undertake to follow certain standards of conduct that respect their own safety, the safety of others (participants in the activities or not) and nature. We are not responsible for improper behavior of the participants, but may terminate an activity if the safety conditions or minimum standards of conduct we instruct are not respected.

It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that he/she is in a healthy condition for the practice of the activity, and that the minimu age required to participate is met.. Children and minors should be accompanied by parents  legal or guardians.

All participants should participate in a briefing on safety instructions before starting any activity. All equipment (helmets, harnesses, etc.) should be used according to the instructions given. It is not allowed to eat, smoke or go to the “bathroom” with the equipment on.


Rock n ‘Walk is the brand name of the services provided by the company Tiago Filipe Andrade Silva., NIF 217727166, with the National Registry of  Touristic Animation Agents RNAAT Nº 1016/2017.

Insurance Policy 204329179 – Allianz

Civil Liability Insurance, which covers property and non-equity damage to third parties and participants, which can be attributed to us in the exercise of our activity.

Insurance Policy 204359564 – Allianz

Personal Accident Insurance, all participants in our activities are covered by a Personal Accident insurance, activated on behalf of the participants.

21,834 Euros in case of total and permanent death or disability
3,821 Euros for treatment expenses