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Hiking days.

Great fun for families, groups or individuals who want to spend some time in nature, here in the Center of Portugal. Whenerver you want, on a suitable day for you! PLUS! Hiking can be combined with our Climbing activities on the same day and interact differently with nature on the same area. We can also pick you up on your accomodation and take you to the activity spot with us.

The most important thing is neither departure nor arrival. Practice some exercise, relax and disconect from the “real” world, spend time with friends and family between landscaping and pic-nic-ing. Get closer to nature and meanwhile learn how to enjoy it being respectful with the environment. And what’s a better way to do it than walking, with time to enjoy what is (and what isn’t too) in sight?

Half day for a short distance trail, of a full day to a long one close to your accomodation? Want an easy hike for you and your family, or a harder one to test your condition? Book a day with us, and let us know how do you want to spend your time during your Hiking day. Plus, you can mix it with our climbing activities and interact with the envorinment in a different way in the same area.

Family Hiking on long trails

Going on a long Hike can lead to some unexpected events and give you some doubts… How difficult will it be? Will I be able to do it? These questions are even more difficult to answer when you start thinking about bringing the kids along. While there is no official minimum age for hiking long trails, 10 years old is the youngest we would consider for such walks, unless of course, you know and trust your kids are full of energy. Contact us and we’ll pick the trail to meet your family needs.

Minimum group size of 2 and a maximum of 12. (One person only? Contact us and we’ll sort something out for you).

Larger than 10 people groups

Schools, scouts, terms, holyday programs.. you name it! We can take all of you to one of the best suitable trails. Contact us for a group discount.


Full day 30€ pp half day 20€ pp


  • Advice on the best trails, depending on the group size and physical condition level of the participants
  • Trail guiding during the whole activity
  • Information about the area
  • Pick-up/Drop off within Coimbra area
  • Insurance for the activity

Special Prices


  • 20% on family activities – (parental families only, minimu 3 people)
  • Children under 12 – 25€ full-day, and 18€ half-day
  • Groups + 6 people – 25€ full-day, and 18€ half-day
  • IPSS and non-profit organisations – (Price depending on the number of people. Please contact us)