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Hiking for everyone

Big fun for those who want to spend some time in nature, here in Central Portugal. The most important thing is neither departure nor arrival. Practice some exercise, relax and disconnect from the “real” world, spend time with friends and family among beautiful scenery and picnics and cultivate the respect for the environment. Hiking can be combined with our Climbing programs and other activities on the same day. We can also go pick you up at your accommodation and take you to the place of activity with us.

Programs description

We organize the activity according to your physical level and experience, so we will advise you trails of different difficulties, distances and different durations. Half day for short trails, or a full day for a long trail near your accomodation or even outside the are where you’re staying if you want to know a zone out of reach. Want an easy walk for your family, or a harder one to test your friends’ physical condition? Book a day with us and tell us how you want to spend your time during your Hiking day

Trail grading system

We classify the trails in 5 different levels, from Easy to Very Difficult, so that you can choose an activity tailored to your needs.

Summing up, Easy and Moderate mean mostly flat terrain, with little accentuated slopes, without technical areas of rocks or loose terrain and short distances, an easy walk for average hikers (slight inclines most of the time). Demanding determines that the trail has some  characteristics which make it harder to complete, (eg short distance, but rocky technical zones and/or constant changes of inclination). Difficult and Very Difficult exhibit long distances increasing the length of the track and also the difficulty of progression in the terrain due to its technical characteristics and/or accentuated difference on inclination.

What to bring to the activity

Confortable clothing according to the forecast, confortable and proper hiking shoes, and finally some water food for the day.

Places where we’ll take you Hiking in Central Portugal

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Serra da Boa Viagem, Figueira da Foz
Distance 13 km | Duration 5h

This is a unique trail in this geographic area, combining the breeze and sea sights, with the greens showed by the Serra! We will start the hike by the Rope Courses Park of the Serra da Boa Viagem, where you can combine the Hike with this activity, or simply let the younger ones have fun in the Park as we walk together.

Descending the hill, we will walk the footpaths of the Beach of the Murtinheira that invites to go baithing in times of heat! From there we will ascend to the high point of Miradouro da Bandeira facing north, where we can see not only the Atlantic Ocean, but also the whole territory to the East up to the Serra do Buçaco.

Poios (P1), Redinha
Distance 6 km | Duration 2-3h

In this area we will go through the P1 of Poios (small version of P2), and know the curious karstic forms of the Senhora da Estrela crag, a fantastic place to go Climbing. Actually, here you can combine Hiking and Rock Climbing on the same place and go higuer to enjoy great views reaching the sea side. From there, we will go along the track that links them to the imposing Canyon of Vale de Poios.

The Hike starts at the local Non-for-Profit organisation Estrela Poiense, in the Poios village
After a short climb, we continue along the slope through the Raposa (Fox) Trail towards the Vale de Poios, enter on it from the top through a sharp technical descent with great views of the Valley. This is a place of great beauty due to the imposing limestone cliffs, being a geosite that lets us realize its geological history and how fluvial systems work in karst landscapes. From there, we go on towards the village of Poios where we will start a short but vigorous ascent to the point of departure.

Poios (P2), Redinha
Distance 13 km | Duration 5h

In this area, hiking through P2 of Poios (wide version of P1), we will get to know the curious karst formations of the cliffs above Poios, at the Senhora da Estrela viewpoint a famous rock climbing spot in Central Portugal. Then, we’ll go along the track (Caminho da Raposa) that connects it with the imponent fluviocársic canyons of Poio Novo Valley and also Poio Velho. These are both areas of excellence for sports climbing, so you can combine these two activities in this place, thus interacting in different ways with nature!

The route begins in the village of Poios, next to Poiense Star Association, from there we’ll go up on a short climb to the Miradouro da Nossa Senhora da Estrela. From there, we cross the slope towards the canyon of the Poios Valley, where we contemplate all the beauty and magnificence of a breathtaking karst landscape with several geological reasons of interest. After a vigorous climb, we will pass by the village of the Court Head that will give us access to the beautiful Poio Velho Valley with beautiful landscapes to the west, from where we will begin the return to the village of Poios.

Buracas do Casmilo, Condeixa-a-Nova
Distance 6 km | Duration 2h30h

Karstic landscape of excellence, both historiaclly and also of landscaping, where we can observe different aspects that characterize these limestone areas of the Sierra de Sicó. This is a very attractive area for Sport Climbing, so you can combine these two activities in this place, thus interacting in different ways with nature!

We start our journey in the picturesque village of Casmilo, which gives its name to the imponent and impressive caves or Buracas do Camilo, these peculiar caves excavated in the rock for thousands of years, which are the main attraction of this route. We will also observe during the hike several characteristics of karst zones like fields of Lapiás or Dolinas. A beautiful and short hike that allows you to enjoy a beautiful picnic, for all people with the most varied physical forms.

Fragas de S.Simão, Figueiró dos Vinhos
Distance 5 km | Duration 2h

Ready for the imponent Fragas de S.Simão crag? In this program we will hike along the route which connects it to the shale village of Casal de S.Simão.

Beautiful short route with beginning and end in the shalle village of Casal de São Simão, village of a single street, very beautiful and well recovered in shale and quartzite located at the top of a quartztic crest surrounded by higher hills that protect it from the winds. After the departure, we will descend for 20 minutes to the fluvial beach of Fragas de S.Simão where we can also go for Rock Climbing, sending 3 routesof an accessible degree, always with the sound of the water of Ribeira de Alge under our feet inviting us for a swim!
After the rock climbing part, we go on our program following the creek Ribeira de Alge along our hiking trail. We’ll cross the creek on the bridge of Brás Curado, passing by Saonda, returning to the village in the company of Ribeira do Fato.

Rio de Mouros, Conímbriga
Distance 8 km | Duration 3h30

Enter the territory of the Roman Empire! This pleasant route can be combined with a visit (free on Sundays until 14:00) to the Roman Ruins of Conímbriga, an ancient Roman city that used to be served by the river Rio de Mouros, which goes along most of our trail.

A short route starting and ending in the Ruins of Conímbriga, from where it takes us on a hike to know the small village of Ponte, where there are only 4 inhabitants that still remain of the village. From there, we jump into the wilderness taking us to the Rio Mouros Canyon where we can observe the spectacular erosion of the water in the limestone rock. This river has a beautiful and noisy cascade, which can only be contemplated during the rainy season, since the very fractured and permeable limestone conducts the water easily to the subsoil enriching the underground aquifers, being this one of the main characteristics of this karst landscape .

prices and what’s included

    2-3 People | Full Day (+4h) 35€ | Half Day (up to 4h) 30€
4-5 People | Full Day (+4h) 28€ | Half Day (up to 4h) 23€
6 People | Full Day (+4h) 18€ | Half Day (up to 4h) 15€
  • Personal Advising: we choose trails and climbing routes acording to the group size, experience and physical level os participants
  • Guide on the trails
  • Information about the geographic area
  • Transportation to/from your accomodation, within Coimbra and Figueira da Foz region (outside this area, a 10€ fee will be aplied)
  • All the insurances needed to the activities
    * Prices per person
  • 10% on family activities – (parental families only, minimum 3 people)
  • 10% Erasmus Students with a valid ESN Card
  • Children <12 years old – 50% discount
  • Non-for-profit Organisations, ONG’s, etc – (Price depends on the number of people, contact us for more info)
    * Prices per person
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