Learn how to rock climb safely!

This course is aimed at new practitioners, with or without previous experience, and aims to train them with technical knowledge for the practice of sport climbing in autonomy and safety. If you just want to have a day of sport climbing experience, you can also do it with us in a climbing event, or in a guided and customized climbing program.

Learn to climb with our supervision!

The sport climbing has the use of rope and all the bolts fixed in the wall, giving us several fixed points of safety in all the length of the track.
Rock n ‘Walk is aimed at new practitioners, with or without previous experience, and aims to empower them with the technical knowledge to practice safe sport climbing, always with our supervision.

Bouldering, consists of climbing small rocky boulders, usually no higher than 5-6 meters, where the movements to send the boulder are usually of technical difficulty and for practice a Crash Pad is required. .

The landscape component of the practice sites is also guaranteed during our climbs.

Our 4-hour Climb Initiation Workshops are the ideal choice for those who want to have fun and make the first contact with rock climbing and get in touch with the most basic technical principles of using safety equipment, under our watchful eye. You can then progress to the Initiation Course.

In the 20-hour Initiation Courses, we talk about the basics of climbing ahead, opening safe sport climbing routes so that you can progress on difficult starting courses, always under the supervision of our instructors.

The 40-hour Autonomy Courses cover the techniques to be able to climb any climbing route ahead with our supervision!

Here we look at all the safety techniques, the knots, the fast track disassembly methods, as well as anticipate and solve some less common situations that may occur during practice with our help.
The Autonomy Course can be framed for those who have attended the Initiation Courses, and only need to add 20 hours of course to the 20 hours already taken at the initiation.

If you just want to have just one day of sport climbing experience you can also do it with us at a climbing event, or a guided and personalized climbing program.

See the feedback from those who came to climb with us and have fun climbing safely!


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