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In addition to our rock climbing and hiking in nature programs, we are working in partnership with excellent professionals in adventure tourism. Go surfing in the Ocean with the Surf’Scool Figueira where you can enjoy the water of Figueira da Foz beach with total tranquility and safety learning to surf with the best instructors, then go rock climbing in the afternoon to Serra de Sicó! In Serra da Boa Viagem you can enjoy the fun Rope Courses Adventure Park of Luso Aventura Figueira da Foz, with a team of instructors with many years of experience. Here you can leave the little ones while you go hiking and enjoy seaside sights of the Ocean, or enjoy the complete program of the two activities.

Places with more activities to add to the hiking or rock climbing programs

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Serra da Boa Viagem, Figueira da Foz

Trail – Hiking

Distance 13 km | Duration 5h

Here you can leave the little ones while you hike, or enjoy the complete program of the two activities. This is a unique route in the area, combining the breeze and sea view, with the greens shoewd by the Serra! We will start the course in the Rope Courses Park of the Serra da Boa Viagem, where you can combine the hike this activity, or simply let the younger ones have fun in the Park as we got through the trail together.

Descending the Serra, we will walk the footpaths of the Beach of the Murtinheira inviting us to go baithing during times of heat! From there we will ascend to the high point of Miradouro da Bandeira facing north, where we can see not only the Atlantic Ocean, but also the whole territory to the East up to the Buçaco Range.

Adventure Park – High Rope Courses

Duration depends on the chosen courses
Curious Level | Adventurer Level | Fearless Level

High Ropes Courses is an activity in heights which takes place on tree tops, through different routes and a huge variety of challenges – bridges, nets, giant ziplines and much more!

You can choose one of three levels and after an initial training, will begin a new experience that will provide you with strong feelings and emotions.

You do not need physical preparation, just the determination to face any obstacle that crosses your way.

Safety is ensured by the quality of the installation of the courses, the personal protective equipment (Koala, Clic-it) and the surveillance of qualified monitors.

Curious Level – Min 4 y/old and 100 cm tall

Adventurer Level – Min 8 y/old  and 125 cm tall

Fearless Level – Min 12 y/old and 140 cm de tall

More info visit the Website Parque Aventura Figueira da Foz

Surfing + Rock Climbing - Figueira da Foz and Poios, Redinha
Program duraton – Surf 1h30 | shuttle 45′ | Rock Climbing up to 4h

With this program we join the sea and the rock! Surfing in the morning and Climbing on the rock during the afternoon (this order can be changed according to the forecasts on the sea). Between the two places of practice there is a 45 minutes shuttle, which you can use for lunch and also rest and regain strength for the rest of the day of Climbing!

We start the 90-minute Surfing lesson with a warm-up (in the group classes we play a warm-up game) and then we explain you some rules that all surfers must keep in mind, and we talk about the gear we are going to use during the lesson. The cool part of the lesson is when we go surfing. At first, there is a lot of information to process, but with our help you will quickly realize how to master the board.

More info on the Website Surfs’Cool Figueira da Foz

After the surfing lesson we will climb on easy routes of initiation level. A rock limbing experience where you do not need any climbing experience at. A program in contact and direct interaction with nature, always with beautiful landscapes on the hills of Sicó.

During the 4 hours of the afternoon session, we will talk about the sport in general terms, explaining you some concepts, introducing the basics of body technique for wall progression as well as technical aspects of safety in practice. If the participants already have some technical knowledge and experience of progression, we will adapt the workshop to meet your expectations.


2-4 People 50€
5-6 People 42€
  • Personal advising: pick the right climbing routes depending on the group soze, experience and physical level of the participants
  • Instruction and Supervision
  • Personal and colective safety gear on the Surfing and Climbing activities
  • Transportation to/from the accomodation, within Figueira da Foz Region (outside this area a 10€ fee will be charged)
  • All the insurances needed for the activities
    * Prices per person
Rope Courses | The final price of the program depends on the number of courses chosen

Curious Level 10€ | Adventurer Level 14€ | Fearless Level 17€

2-4 People 20€
5-6 People 16€
  • Personal advising about the track, according to your physical condition and experience
  • Instruction and Supervision on the Rope Courses
  • Guide on tracks
  • Personal and colective safety equipments on the Rope Courses activities
  • Transportation to/from the accomodation, within Figueira da Foz Region (outside this area a 10€ fee will be charged)
  • All the insurances needed for the activities
    * Prices per person
  • 10% in family activities – (parental families only, minimum 3 people)
  • 10% Erasmus Students with a valid ESN Card
  • Children < 12 y/old – 50% under the price of the Rock Climbing activity
  • Non-for-profit Organisations, ONG, etc – (Price depends on number of people, contact us for more information)
    * Low Season prices (Oct 2017-Apr 2018)