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SUrf and ROck climbing

SUrf and ROck climbing

Surf n’ Climb Surf in the morning, Climb in the afternoon! Rock n ‘Walk and Surf’scool Figueira da Foz are working in...

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Hiking days. Great fun for families, groups or individuals who want to spend some time in nature, here in the Center of Portugal. Whenerver you...

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  Great fun for those who want to have a feel for climbing outside on rock, on a guided tour or simply to rent the gear to practice on their...

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Enthusiasts about interaction with nature and its protection. Climbing and Hiking are part of our day, and we like to show people everything we feel doing it. This inspires us to give our best in our activities.

Be responsible outdoors!

It’s really not hard to be a responsible person outdoors—it is simply a matter of being mindful of our core integrity. We give you some advices on how to be a better climber at the crags, or a more mindful hiker on the trails.

Leave no trace

Natural beauty already existed before us! We need to make sure that the environment you’re in isn’t altered by your visit. Always bring an additional bag and pack all the litter in it, and take it where it belongs to.

Recognize the worth

The trails we hike on, or the clean crags and walls with wellplaced bolts where we climb, don’t just fall from the sky. Local climbers commit countless hours to make climbing accessible and fun.

Protect wildlife

Staying on marked trails prevents a Hiker’s boot of destroying a plant forever! Don’t disturb the animals, and wild flowers and other natural objects are beautiful indeed. Leave them intact…

sharing the outdoors

Announce your intentions when passing someone on the trails, and usually downhill yields to uphill. On climbing, don’t provide unsolicited tips on how to do the moves. It’s more fun to figure it out while doing it.

New to Climbing or Never hiked before?

No problem! We will give you some basic tips and techniques for new climbers, helping you to have more fun moving your body more efficiently on the wall, and some advices on beautiful walking routes close to you, as well as walking techniques in different types of terrain, ascending or descending.

straight and relaxed arms while climbing

Keeping your arms bent will definetly give you more griping  power, but will also lead you to exhaustion easir and faster.

use proper hip technique

Whichever hand you’re reaching with, position that hip against the wall.

use your legs to push you up

Leg muscles are stronger than the arm ones. Don’t do so much pull ups: push your self instead.

ADAPT your walking style to the type of terrain

Lower the lenght of your pace and lean slightly forward while going up. Going down, adopt the opposite behavior.

walking on loose terrain

Slow down – Place each foot intentionally, gradually applying weight on it each step.

long hikes in large groups

Keep a constant pace, so the group go on without being out of breath, and enjoy it longer.

Get to know some of the places and crags we can take you to, in the center of portugal


More about climbing: The Mãos de Resina project – the first Portuguese climbing channel

We are passionate about climbing! Two years ago we started the maosderesina.info webchannel, with episodes featuring interviews with Portuguese climbers, news about what is happening and articles about the sport in our country!

EP14 Alberto Cruz and the Route Setters “Troublemakers” talk about organizing Bouldering Competitions

What People Say

Uma experiência fantástica, um dia em óptima companhia e com paisagens brutais! Estava cheiiiia de receio, nunca tinha feito escalada, mas o Tiago conseguiu fazer com que escalasse várias paredes, sempre com segurança! Adorei!!

Ana Maria Fagundo

Como posso descrever a experiência de escalada com o Tiago? Vou tentar mas na verdade é indescritível. Andei a adiar esta decisão durante algum tempo pois o meu medo de alturas não me estava a deixar experimentar (erradamente) um desporto tão fantástico e libertador. Quando decidi fazer escalada com o Tiago não sabia bem para o que ia mas rapidamente fiquei hiper descansada pois o Tiago explicou-me tudo: como funcionava a prática, o material, a segurança e tudo sem pressões. Logo na primeira via consegui ultrapassar todos os meus limites, senti-me livre e em comunhão com a natureza e deixei de lado o medo de alturas. Senti-me sempre segura e à vontade e entretanto já repeti de tão boa que foi a experiência. Recomendo vivamente a todos! Mesmo para aqueles a quem as alturas metem um certo respeito

Margarida Raposo

"Adorei a experiência. O Tiago foi um excelente guia e mostra-se confiante em cada passo da caminhada! Recomendo totalmente!"

Miguel F. Sousa